Share an Affirmation and It Could Be Featured in the You Can Campaign


This pandemic has been hard. And it’s probably safe to say, we could all use less stress and more compassion in our lives right now. Help teens, like you, cope with anxiety, isolation, and overwhelming feelings by sharing words of affirmation that could be used on a new You Can poster.

Not sure where to start? Try making a list of the kind, supportive things you’d say to yourself or the people you care about. They can include words that inspire hope and spread love or focus on the things that matter to you—like “My strength is greater than my struggles” or “You can love who you are.” Then, pick your favorites to share with us.

To submit your affirmations, contact us on social or email us at


*By submitting affirmations, you are consenting to allow DOH and partners to shorten and use your words anonymously in this and future advertising.